Starting Tuesday, October 5th proof of double vaccination with a gov ID will need to be shown to use our facility. Out of abundance of caution with the new Delta variant as of Sept 1st/2021 the board of Directors has decided to make it policy that masks must be worn by everyone that enters our building.  Masks in the gym must be worn until members get to their workout station and put back on when leavinig the gym floor. 

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1 cohort of 50 on Ice; 1 cohort of 50 off ice;

1 cohort of 200 (Spectators)

Great News we have been approved for the next stage of hockey.  Please read so your group is aware of the rules. 

COVID-19 Operational Plan Template

This template outlines the general COVID-19 specific policies and procedures that businesses and services must have in place to operate under the updated Public Health Order issued May 1, 2020. Each phase of Renew PEI Together, beginning May 1st, includes a further relaxation of restrictions for business allowed to operate, but still includes the same general principles outlined in this template.

Name of Business:  South Shore Actiplex                       Civic Address: 20591 TCH; Crapaud, PE 

Owner/Manager Name: Rink (Gordie Cameron) Gym (Paula Sark)               Signature:  ___________________________

Phone:  Gordie (393-4820); Paula (393-8698)   Email:

Effectrive February 9th, 2021

1) Social Distancing


Measures used to maintain social distancing


Steps taken to ensure minimal interaction of people.  (2 metres separation)

Between employees

Only 1-3 staff on at any onetime and all would be working in different locations. They are expected to maintain a 6 ft. distance

At the start and end of each shift employees that share a work space are expected to sanitize the space. (Zamboni Room, Canteen, office, gym desk )


Between Clients General all areas

There will be a separate Entrance and Exit into our main building to lead into our Lobby and a separate Entrance and Exit door into our Arena which will ensure the 6 ft distancing.

Gym: The entrance/exit to gym is inside main door to building.

All hallways and spaces will be marked with 6 ft. spacing marks so people realize the distance required. These areas are marked as two-way traffic areas and users will be moved through the location to ensure that only one group is in the area at one time.  

All dressing rooms, washrooms, office will be marked with maximum number of people allowed in to maintain 6 ft distancing.

Dressing room doors are marked with maximum number of people to ensure 6ft distancing. When dressing rooms are over that number all participants must wear a non-medical mask until they put on their helmet to go on the ice.  Each room has a handwashing sink and bathroom.

All our garbage bins are no touch.

Gym: We have signage and floor decals reminding everyone about keeping 6 feet apart.  In the class area we have tapped off several 7 foot areas with equipment to keep participants apart.  We also have separated our cardio equipment and moved some to the outer parts of the gym to help open up the space.  Only 2 people are allowed in our locker/washroom at a time.  Members are encouraged to come dressed and ready to work out and leave gym without showering.  We do have 1 shower open in each locker room.  On stairway only one person is allowed at a time. We have set up a door chime at the bottom of stairs and when they are coming up they must ring it to let people know they are, when leaving they must yell coming down so no one will meet on stairs.  There are only 20 people allowed in our gym at a time, this includes 1-2 staff members. 

Signage in the building: Notice on the Front door excluding people who are sick or should be self-isolating, directional signage, all two- way traffic areas are marked and all chairs removed, wash hands signage in all the washrooms, facility rules are posted, signage about cleaning equipment expectations, coughing and sneezing etiquette.



Markings will be placed on floors to give direction for two-way traffic and direction to dressing rooms.

All users must bring a personal water bottle that is labeled with their full name.  No sharing of water bottles We have no water drinking stations. 

Rooms are marked with the max number for the area to assist in maintaining the 6 ft distance. 

Arena groups

On the ice will be limited to 50 people including coaching staff, volunteers and officials. 

Dressing Room preparing to go on ice: Will be limited to 50 including players, volunteers, coaches and officials.  Coaches, staff and volunteers that enter the dressing room to tie skates must wear a non medical mask.  Youth will be encouraged to come dressed to arena only to put skates on.


Arena Groups

Entrance Group to arrive 30 minutes prior and must be in the dressing room 15 minutes before ice time prior to group coming off the ice.   Exit Stay in room to change for 15 minutes and then exit when next group is on the ice. They must then exit the building. It is the responsibility of the coaches to see that this is enforced and the players don’t leave before this time.  All rooms will be cleaned and sanitized prior to next user.  

 No showers will be available. 


Arena users will use the washroom in the Arena public washroom or in the dressing room both which have a hand washing sink.

Arena Contact Tracing:  It is the responsibility of the teams to have contact tracing information before their scheduled times and submit a copy to Arena office.  Any changes MUST be emailed to the arena.

User must bring personal sports equipment to be used in the arena. The user should clean the equipment following use in the building. Any borrowed equipment will be cleaned and disinfected by user group following use.



Benches will be cleaned by the group leaving and coming to the ice. Arena staff will clean at the end of each day. 


Arena Spectators: 2 cohorts of 40 (Arena Seating) will have markings where they are to sit to allow for 6ft distancing.  All spectators will be required to wear a non-medical mask.  Arena spectators will use public washroom maximum 3 per washroom.  Spectators will enter arena through main entrance and exit arena through separated exit door that has 6 ft distance.  The spectators will be directed to their seats by a team rep.  Spectators tracing will be done by the user group at the time of entrance.  Benches and arena seats will be cleaned by the group using the arena.  Spectators will be allowed into arena after the previous ice user has exited the building. Group A comes in first then 5 minutes later Group B enters rink.  Then they will be allowed to enter and directed to their seats. Once the game is over one cohort of 40 will leave then 5 min later the second cohort of 40  must exit the arena.  Both Cohorts will be kept seperate.


Elevator uses a keyed system and will be limited to one member/family group at a time. (to 2nd floor weight room and track) These users will be permitted to exit through the Lobby.


Staff will be on site during all operating hours and checking locations for social distancing. 

Mask (non-medical cloth mask each staff has their own mask) will be used when 6ft distancing cannot be maintained and staff will wash hand several locations available or use hand sanitizer available in several Locations (gloves will be available but we will encourage hand washing) for staff should physical distancing not be able to be maintained. 


Gym: We have installed a plexiglass guard at our counter to separate the employee and members.  The staff will be told to keep 6 ft apart and there is a mask available if they can’t. 


Gym:  If training a client, we both will wear a mask if the 6ft distancing isn’t possible.


1. Gathering Limits per Area 



# of Individuals 

Separation and Washrooms 


20 people

15 people allowed in fitness centre.  The fitness equipment allows 6ft distancing. When there are classes happening we have blocks tapped off to allow 6ft distancing. Washroom/Locker rooms have a set number that allow for 6ft distancing. They have hand washing sinks along with toilets, only 1 shower in each allowed.

Arena off ice 

50 people 

Players, volunteers, coaches & officials 

1-2 dressing rooms for larger teams when possible.  When over the allowed number per dressing room, players will wear a mask until they put helmet on.  Each dressing room has a washroom and hand washing sink.   Coaches will be able to stand at the door to address players and still maintain 6ft distance.


3 coaches in ref room


To maintain 6ft distance. 

Arena Ice Surface  

50 people

Players, volunteers, coaches & officials

Group will move from a dressing room to the ice and back to the same dressing room.  Group volunteers to tie skates, must stay with on ice group and watch from designated area.  Rooms are cleaned and disinfected after each group.

Arena Seating

200 people 

1 cohort of 200



All spectators will enter the arena through main entrance door, after the previous ice user has exited the arena. The spectators will be directed to there marked seating by a team rep.  All spectators must wear a mask and contact tracing will be done by the user group upon entrance.  Spectators are to clean their seat prior to and after using the cleaner provided by the South Shore Actiplex.

Refs Room




Dressing Room

3 people




6 people


Officials must be responsible to clean prior and after use. They will use the public washroom to wash hands.  Any people going on with a two group in a row will be expected to maintain 6ft distance or they must wear a non-medical mask.



Under 7

Age Group


To allow for 2 parents to attend with their child.  We would have 25 players that would be assigned 2 dressing rooms to allow for 6ft distancing.  We would require that the players arrive at the arena fully dressed only to have their skates tied, this would be done by coaches and 3 parents that are chosen by team.  These parents must remain with the on- ice cohorts.  The remaining parents would be allowed into the arena and directed to the marked seating, after the previous ice user (team) has excited the arena. 


2. Policy for Exclusion of Employees Requiring Self-Isolation


 Prior to beginning work each day, every employee must sign and date the designated form with the following statement: will be set up for staff at each work station. 

“I declare by signing this sheet/form that I have not been outside of the bubble for PEI within the last 14 days and am not required to self-isolate.”

3. Illness/Exclusion Policy



Prior to beginning work each day, every employee must sign and date the designated form with the following statement: 

“I declare by signing this sheet/form that I have not been  self-monitor for symptoms and will report any symptoms of Covid -19 or possible exposure to the General Manager or designate immediately “.   

The following procedure should be followed if any change in your condition.  

  • Any staff member developing symptoms of COVID-19 at work must immediately perform hand hygiene, report to manager, avoid contact with staff and leave as soon as it is safe to do so. Call 811 to arrange testing for Covid19.
  • Symptomatic staff will be required to self-isolate until tested for COVID-19 and the results are confirmed.
  • If the test results are negative for COVID-19 but the staff member remains ill and/or symptomatic, they should remain on sick leave.

Symptoms of COVID-19 include:

cough (new or exacerbated chronic)

  • headache
  • fever/chills
  • sore throat
  • marked fatigue
  • sneezing
  • congestion
  • body aches
  • runny nose


4. Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfection of Shared Areas and Surfaces


Cleaning products will remove visible soil and/or dirt from surfaces.  Disinfecting products are used to destroy bacteria and viruses.

Cleaning product

Avmor EP 70

Mixing instructions

2.25 tsp to 24 oz water



Disinfecting product

Avmor Basix Neutral Disinfectant

Mixing instructions

3 ml per 24 oz water


Cleaning – Location



Disinfecting - Location


Arena: Floors Dressing Rooms



Arena: Door Handles

2 x daily

Arena: Canteen

Closed at this time.


Arena: Light Switches

Motion sensors

No touching

Arena: Door handles



Arena: Washrooms

2 x daily

Arena: Stands

After each use


Arena dressing room

After each use

Arena: Dressing Rooms



Arena Benches(players)

After each use

Arena: Washrooms



Gym: Weight equipment and

Touch Surfaces

2 X daily

Gym: Weight Room 



 Gym: Washrooms/Locker Room

2 x Daily

Gym: floors washroom & entry way

At Closing


 Gym: Hand rail to 2nd Floor 

2 X daily

Gym: Washrooms/Locker rooms



 Gym: Door handles, Counters

Multiple times per day

Gym: Shoe changing area



Gym: Shoe Changing area Chairs 

2 X daily

Gym: Door Handles



Gym: Pens, sign in area

Multiple times per day




Gym: Light Switches

2 x Daily











Arena Washroom 





Arena Stands 



Gym: Members are told to disinfect equipment before and after use.


5. Hand Washing /Sanitizer Stations 



We all have to do our part to prevent the spread of illness.  We know that practicing good hygiene is an essential part of preventing the spread of COVID-19.  To protect yourself and others from getting sick, take the following precautions:

  • wash your hands often (in addition to routine times such as after using the washroom, before eating, when handling food for the public),
  • cough/sneeze into your elbow or tissue and throw away,
  • avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands,
  • use alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available.


Hand Washing Stations



-Hand wash Canteen 

-Hand wash public washroom 

-Hand wash dressing rooms

Gym: Washrooms


-Hand wash all 6 Arena Dressing rooms 

-Hand wash public washroom in the Arena

Gym: Washrooms








Hand Sanitizer Stations








Arena inside the main door

Wall in Lobby

Zamboni room 


Gym: Behind counter, multiple stations set up around gym


Arena inside the main door

Wall in Lobby  

Gym: Sign in desk, entry way to gym, multiple stations set up around gym.



Note: This template has been developed as a guide to help businesses develop a COVID-19 specific operational plan as required under the Public Health Order issued on May 1, 2020. It encompasses the criteria that must be part of the required plan.  This template may be adopted by many simple businesses, but is not intended to fit all operations.  Industries and associations are encouraged and expected to develop plans relevant to their industry.  Those may be submitted to for review.  All businesses must maintain a copy of their plan on site for an inspector to review at any time the business is in operation.  








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