Paula Sark (BFL, GFL, RTL,  P.A.C.E Leader)

Paula holds Classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 9am.  Older adult class 10:15 am Paula's classes will be 45 min - 1  hour with a warm up, class, then a cool down followed by stretching.

StepStrength class: for Beginner to Intermediate. The class consists of waking up those muscles with a warm up, then we move into some aerobic conditioning on a step, do some strength training exercises with some abdominal work ending off with a cool down and stretching to keep our bodies balanced and flexible.

Circuit Class, Paula will have numerous stations set up around the track. Start with a warm up then there will be 30 second timed stations, Class will consist of 3 rounds. Look out there may be some extra push ups in this class because I know EVERYONE loves push ups! Then we will do some stretching at the end to protect those joints and muscles.

Tabata Style Class: Tabata is a specific style of interval training that has you alternating between:20 seconds of the highest intensity you can handle (all-out effort) 10 seconds of total rest (no movement) You repeat the 20-second "hard" intervals and 10-second "recovery" intervals for a total of eight rounds, which equals just four minutes. Paula's class consists of pairing an aerobic exercise with a strength exercise. We will do 8 pairs of exercises to complete the tabata style class.

Pyramid Fitness Class: This could be timed pyramid's or rep count pyramid's.  We could start with 20 sec, 25 sec, 30 sec. 35 sec, 40 sec, 45 sec and 50 sec. then go back down. 45, 40 etcc. These would be all different exercises and we will run thru them 3 times. With some extra stuff added.  Rep count would be 6, 9 12, 15, 20, 15, 12 etc...  

H.i.i.t  Class: (High Intensity Interval Training) Combination of 40 sec. maxed out effort with a 20 sec rest.   These will be a combination of cardio drills along with strengthing exercises to get your heart rate up and condition at the same time. 

Bootcamp Class:  In this class we will go thru different blocks of exercises some with timed intervals and others with rep counts.  You heart will be pumping at the end of this class. 

Get Fit and Healthy Class:  No impact class for the older adult  who would like to be able to work on some strengthing, balance and flexibility.   This class is on Mon Wednesday and Friday mornings at 10:15am.

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