Trenna Burke (BFL, GFL)

Trenna’s classes are on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30pm-7:45pm. There are a variety of classes with Trenna, check the schedule to see which exciting class she is doing on those nights.

Intermediate\Advanced Step: This class combines all the basic step moves with some more advanced moves to create fun combinations. This is a high-energy step class; sure to make you sweat. Session ending with a strength\weight training component, abdominals and stretching.

Bootcamp: This program challenges you to work at your full potential. This class uses steps, floor routines, and track work, usually timed in 1-3 minute intervals. Finish off with arm and leg work, abdominal routine and stretching\relaxation. Extreme Fit: This class consists of powerful moves to develop your endurance and strength. The style of this program involves high impact moves, pyometrics, and track work. The class will incorporate leg, arm and abdominal routines and stretching.

Circuit: A combination of step, track work and weight training. This class provides cardiovascular and resistance training in timed intervals. Each class will end with leg and abdominal work, followed by stretching.

Tabata Style Class: Tabata is a specific style of interval training that has you alternating between:20 seconds of the highest intensity you can handle (all-out effort) 10 seconds of total rest (no movement) You repeat the 20-second "hard" intervals and 10-second "recovery" intervals for a total of eight rounds, which equals just four minutes.

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